Mosaic Custom T-Shirt Quilt


Custom T-Shirt Quilt you send in your T-Shirts and we return a finished keepsake quilt.

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Lap (48" x 48")
Custom Based on T-Shirts Received
Backing Color
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  • Mosaic Custom T-Shirt Quilt
  • Mosaic Custom T-Shirt Quilt
  • Mosaic Custom T-Shirt Quilt


Yes, we are happy to work with you on a number of offered sizes to meet your needs. Each size has a different requirement for the number of shirts. Here is a list of what is available:

  • Lap which requires 16-20 T-Shirts and is approx. 48” x 48” (List Price $350.00)
  • Jumbo Lap which requires 18-25 T-Shirts and is approx. 52” x 64” (List Price $425.00)
  • Picnic which requires 20 - 30 T-Shirts and is approx.60” x 72” (List Price $520.00)
  • Twin which requires 30 - 40 T-Shirts and is approx. 60” x 84” (List Price $575.00)
  • Twin XL which requires 32 - 45  T-Shirts and is approx. 60” x 92” (List Price $650.00)
  • Full Size which requires 40 - 50 T-Shirts and is approx. 84” x 92” (List Price $710.00)
  • Queen  which requires 50 - 60 T-Shirts and is approx. 92” x 100” (List Price $775.00)
  • King which requires 60 - 80 T-Shirts and is approx. 100” x 112” (List Price $882.00)

Yes, we do Mosaic and Checkerboard designs. The Mosaic design is appropriate for someone that is looking for something that is less structured with equally sized blocks and also for those with T-Shirts with larger logos.

T-shirt Quilts are personal and they are like an old friend. They tell a story about special events, memorable times, or the life of someone you love. Pull your T-Shirts out from the closet or drawer and give you t-shirts new life by creating a one-of-a-kind custom t-shirt quilt with Perfectly Pieced.


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