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Queen Size Memory Quilt from Clothing
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TShirt Quilt
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Mosaic T-Shirt Quilt
Mosaic Athletic Jerseys T-Shirt Quilt
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T-Shirt and Memory Quilt Portfolio

Welcome to Perfectly Pieced T-Shirt and Memory Quilts!

Transform your treasured memories into beautiful works of art with our expertly crafted T-shirt and memory quilts. Whether you're looking to preserve your favorite collection of T-shirts or create a personalized keepsake from cherished clothing or fabrics, we are here to bring your vision to life. With years of experience and a passion for creativity, we take pride in delivering exceptional quality and craftsmanship in every quilt we create.

About Us

At Perfectly Pieced we understand the sentimental value behind your cherished garments and fabrics and use them for T-Shirt and Memory Quilts, Our mission is to help you capture those memories and transform them into timeless quilts that you can cherish for a lifetime. We believe that every quilt tells a story, and we are dedicated to helping you preserve those special moments.

Our Approach

When it comes to creating your custom T-shirt or memory quilt, we take a meticulous and personalized approach. We begin by having a consultation with you to understand your specific requirements, design preferences, and the story you want to tell through your quilt. Whether you're looking for a classic design or a more contemporary style, we will work closely with you to bring your ideas to fruition.

Once we have gathered all the necessary information, we will carefully curate your T-shirts or fabrics and create a unique layout that showcases your memories in the best possible way. We pay attention to every detail, ensuring that the colors, patterns, and themes are harmoniously blended to create a visually stunning quilt.

Our Expert Craftsmanship

At Perfectly Pieced T-Shirt and Memory Quilts, we take great pride in our craftsmanship. We have honed our quilting techniques over many years, ensuring that each stitch is precise and every seam is flawlessly aligned. We use high-quality materials and advanced quilting methods to ensure that your quilt is not only visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting.

We understand that your T-shirts and fabrics hold sentimental value, which is why we handle them with the utmost care and respect. Throughout the entire quilting process, we maintain strict quality control measures to ensure that your quilt meets our highest standards. From cutting and piecing to quilting and binding, every step is executed with precision and attention to detail.

Portfolio Examples

To showcase our expertise and the exceptional quality of our work, we have curated a portfolio of some of our T-shirts and memory quilts. We hope that you have enjoyed our portfolio images above this text. Each quilt in our portfolio represents a unique story and demonstrates our commitment to creating stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces.

  1. The Sentimental Journey Quilt: This quilt was created for a client who wanted to commemorate their travels around the world and visits to the Hard Rock Cafe. We used a collection of T-shirts from various countries recalling his travels over the years.

  2. The Graduation Memories Quilt: For this project, we transformed a collection of Jersey's from teams throughout the years as well as other T-Shirts from events and activities.All that celebrated the client's academic achievements. The quilt showcased important milestones and fond memories from their journey.

  3. The Sports Enthusiast Quilt: In this quilt, we combined a variety of marathon shirts from races from all over the world.  The client's passion for marathons was beautifully reflected in the quilt, making it a perfect keepsake for any sports enthusiast.

These examples represent just a glimpse of the extraordinary quilts we have created for our clients. Each quilt is meticulously crafted, tailored to your unique requirements, and designed to evoke cherished memories.

Are you ready to transform your beloved T-shirts and fabrics into a stunning quilt that will preserve your memories for generations to come? Place an order with Perfectly Pieced T-Shirt and Memory Quilts today! Our dedicated team is excited to work with you, ensuring that your custom quilt reflects your personal style and captures the essence of your cherished memories. Trust us to create a masterpiece that you will treasure forever.

Contact us now to get started on your custom T-shirt or memory quilt journey!

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